We’ve been wanting to start this for a while now. A space on the internet for professionals in public health in Canada to come together, to connect, to share and to learn. A public health resource. Along the way, we hope to spark dialogue and spread great ideas. And most importantly, to give young public health professionals a voice.

When we first began our public health careers, there were few opportunities to reach out and connect with others in our field. Talking to other young professionals, we realized many shared the same views. We saw how passionate the public health community is, and how hard-working its members are.

A standard definition of the public health workforce is elusive – what we do changes from one day to the next; the issues we tackle as a community are as diverse as are its people; but the one common thread might be this – the driving desire to help others and better our society.

We want this small corner of the Internet, the Public Health Collective, to be our space. A space for us – all of us – to discuss, learn from one another, and engage in the ideas and issues we tackle every day.

Do you have a favourite book you’ve read that you would recommend to the public health community? Someone you know who is making an incredible impact on public health in your community? A burning issue you’d like to address in a blog post? Reach out to us with your ideas at: editors(at) thephcollective(dot) com!

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