March 2017 News Roundup

1. A CBC report suggests that fears of workforce harassment are leading many TD bank tellers across Canada to deal unethically with their clients. Does this suggest possible public health implications for both staff (workplace mental health) as well as bank customers (hidden fees are never pleasant, and can be quite stressful) 

2. Another study has found that rates of colorectal cancer are disproportionately higher in the millennial population (18-29) than those in older generations. What does this mean for our generation?

3. The ongoing mumps outbreak in the country (64 cases and counting in Toronto) may be driven by young adults (born after 1970) who have not received two doses of the mumps vaccine. You should probably check your vaccination record now. 

4. We all intuitively know that women do most of the ‘caring’ work in our society. Vanier Institute has released a brilliant infographic that shows just how much caring Canadian women really do, and how much it impacts their lives. Thank a caregiver today.

5. Planning on running a marathon? A study suggests running a marathon and the associated stresses can cause short-term kidney injury

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