Summer News Round-Up

As the summer nears to a close (I know, we can’t believe how quickly it went, either!), we’ve compiled a list of interesting public health news over the last few months:

  1. The impact of social media on mental health – The Royal Society of Public Health, an independent health agency based in the U.K., published a report addressing social media and its impacts on young people, suggesting a link between the use of social media to some negative affects to young people’s mental health. 
  2. The government of Ontario announced that the provincial minimum wage would increase to $15 by January 2019 in a phased approach. The Financial Accountability Office of Ontario (FAO) assesses that this could result in 50,000 job losses (0.7% of total employment) because of challenges faced by businesses. Read their report here. Read more about the debate here
  3. A healthcare agreement that will eventually give First nations communities in northern Ontario agency towards their own healthcare was announced, in partnership with the Canadian, Ontario and Nishnawbe Aski Nation governments.
  4. An HQO report highlights health inequities faced by communities in northern Ontario, including the First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities. Doctors in these regions have raised further concern about the disparities.
  5. Health Canada approves three safe injection sites in Toronto, in addition to those in Montreal and Vancouver, taking a harm reduction response in answer to this year’s fentanyl crisis. Construction began in August, in a commitment to speed up their opening. An interesting background on the  crisis here.
  6. A report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives finds an alarming increase in income disparity between the rich families and middle and working-class families.
  7.  The pitfalls of loneliness – Why Loneliness can be unhealthy.


Have you come across any interesting news over the last few months? Do you have any thoughts or opinions to add on any of the issues highlighted above? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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